Sports Trauma Doctor Dr. med. Marco Marano


Marco Marano

Sports Trauma Doctor & Sports and Exercise Physician

Dr. med. Marco Marano is a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology and in Sport Medicine active at the Ars Medica Clinic of Gravesano and at the Centro dello Sport Ars Medica in Manno.

Over the years he has developed his own field of interests in traumatology and in particularly in the management and treatment of trauma and problems relating to the health of athletes.

He deals with fractures, muscle injuries, cartilage injuries, tendon problems, degenerative processes related to joints and tendons, overuse pathologies, return to play, sports concussion.

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Dr. med. Marco Marano - Sports Trauma Doctor & Sports and Exercise Phisicyan

What I Do

Dr. med. Marco Marano is one of the increasingly numerous traumatologists who adopt a holistic approach to diagnose and manage problems related to sport and exercise. It will evaluate your injury and provide an accurate diagnosis and management plan.

Traumatology - Dr. med. Marco Marano


Regenerative Treatments - Dr. med. Marco Marano

Regenerative Treatments


Traumatology deals with all those unforeseeable and fortuitous traumas that can occur most frequently during any motor activity.


Optimize treatment for a faster recovery.


Understand the cause to have the most innovative solution.

Muscle Injuries

The latest findings from literature for a faster return to sport.

Cartilaginous Lesions

Reduce the impact to preserve the athlete joints.

Overload Injuries

When it is right to reduce your workouts and why.

Sports Concussion

When to return to sports safely by preventing relapses.

Regenerative Treatments

In regenerative treatments is induced the migration of stem cells into the damaged tissue, stimulating them to reproduce in order to obtain a faster and better repair of the injured tissues.

Infiltrations with PRP

In the treatment of cartilage, tendon and muscle injuries.

Infiltration with APS

In inflammation of the knee due to chondropathy.

Bone Stimulator

For bone edemas and fracture consolidation delays.


Head of the Orthopedic Emergency Department of the Ars Medica Clinic. He collaborates as Team Doctor or as a Consultant with some professional sports clubs.